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It's the place where moms connect!  Join us for  our schedule topic and gaming chats, or make plans to meet your friends for free chat.  Happy Chatting!

Our MomsLife Live Chat Room has designated Moderators but if those Moderators are not in the room when you are, then you must consider the room "unmoderated". If there is a persistence of abusers, we will have to password protect the entire chat area, but for now we will see how it goes.

It's not always easy to time being in the chat room at the same time as other Momslife members. If the room is empty, head on over to our Momslife Message Boards and see who is hanging out there.

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Chat Rules

The rules for chat are simple:

1. No personal attacks, either direct or indirect, will be allowed.

2. No harassing other chat occupants.

3. No spamming allowed.

4. NO advertising or promotion allowed.

5. Have fun!


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