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Mom's Life--The place for moms to meet in cyberspace!

Mom's Life is proud to offer private, personal web based email, just for moms.  The convenience of mail you can check anywhere, anytime!  Sign up for your free account today.


We have come up against an unfortunate situation - too many people are using the free momslife email accounts we offer to perpetrate a lot of spam mailings and no amount of deleting accounts, blocking certain offenders has solved the problem.

This reflects poorly on momslife, because people receiving these spams think *we* are sending them. It's certainly the dark side of offering free email accounts to moms.

Unfortunately, the abuse has reached a fevered pitch and we have no choice but to close down the service. We think this is most regrettable - for all the moms that this provided a cost effective way to communicate online, but we see no alternative at this point.

To date, we have no way to write to all the people who are now using {yourname} to tell them we are shutting off the service. We wish we did but we don't. We will be shutting the service off as of March 31, 2002. We recommend you set up a free email account from another service, such as hotmail or yahoo.

Again, we are sorry that such abuse has ruined it for all the moms who have been successfully and responsibly using their free momslife email account.


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